What is a Division Order?
         There are various types of interest and ways interest owners receive revenue from the well that they own interest in the production.  There are Working Interest, Overriding Royalty Interest, Non-Participating Royalty Interest, Royalty Interest, etc.  Before any interest owner can receive revenue for the oil/gas produced from a well, they must confirm their ownership.  Confirmation of ownership for all of the above is handled by way of a Division Order. Once you have recieved a Division Order please proceed with the following steps so that Hannathon may begin disbursing revenue as quickly as possible. 

        1) Review all personal information on the Division Order such as name and address. If there is a               mistake on any personal information, simply mark through it and write a correction. 
       2) Review your interest within the property listed and confirm it is correct with your signature,                 and the signature of a witness on the following page. 
       3) After all is confirmed, write your contact information (i.e. Cell Phone, Home Phone, Email                   Address, etc.) in the line provided. If there is a W9 enclosed with your Division Order, please               fill out and return with your Division Order as well. 
       4) Once all of the above are complete, keep one copy for your records and mail the other back to               Hannathon at the address located at the bottom of this page. Once Hannathon has recieved,                 you will be placed in pay status and receive revenue. 

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